Stay at home Mom

Aug 10 2014 Nesting 80Sometimes a photo finds you instead of the other way around.  We don’t have an overly lush back yard, but it’s protected from most predators and large enough that it’s become something of a bird sanctuary.  There’s a canal for water just on the other side of the fence, and enough brush for them to feel comfortable.  The fact that the Missus is apparently on a mission to feed the local quail into full blown obesity is no doubt also a factor.

We noticed a couple of nests being build in the tree the hummingbirds hang out at, and this one just above eye level is currently occupied by mama, one chick and an unhatched egg.  There is a balancing act in getting close enough for a decent picture while not stressing her out.  Fortunately she’s somewhat accustomed to us so with a long lens it’s just possible to catch a good angle.

P1/P65+, 300mm@ f5.6, 1/640 sec and ISO 200

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