The Grazers

16-05-29 Bakubung 8315-web

Giraffe with hitchhikers.

Most of the animals we saw on our trip to South Africa are grazers.  The Red-billed Oxpeckers on the back of this giraffe probably aren’t, although that’s what it looked like to me.

16-05-29 Bakubung 8078-web

An Impala kicks out as it runs to discourage predators.

Impala are pretty herd animals, and tend to be skittish, not surprising since many predators hunt them.  The one pictured above was part of a small group that decided to run away from us (we weren’t chasing) and I managed to catch the defensive kick.

16-05-26 Ukutula 4252-web

Bushbuck and impala at GlenAfric

The grazing animals seem to mix herds quite a bit.  We saw Zebras mix in with pretty much any other grass eater.

16-05-29 Bakubung 7882-web

Giraffe gnawing on a bone for calcium.

An interesting note is that the giraffe will chew on bone to get calcium.  You can see the bone in the mouth of the taller one.  She worked on it for quite a while, and never let the youngster have any.

16-05-31 Shambala 9134-web

Sable Antelope at a water hole.

Herd animals tend to keep watch.  The Sable Antelope here were part of a group of maybe a dozen and the outskirters were always keeping an eye out for threats.

16-05-30 Shambala 8817-web

Zebras resting mid morning.

Zebras in particular seemed to be always watching us.

16-05-31 Shambala 9650-web

Kudu along the lake shore.

We also saw lots of Kudu.  They blend in well with the tall grasses along the shore line.

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