South Africa Landscape


Water color reflections on the lake at Shambala.

Some final thoughts in closing out the South Africa trip posts…  While the animals are fascinating, the country itself is beautiful.  One thing seasoned travelers frequently notice is that when you go to a new region, it smells different.  Usually the first impression is slightly unpleasant, but you quickly adjust and no longer notice.  South Africa is the first place I’ve been that immediately smelled good.  I associated the smell with good earth, the kind you could plant a good crop on.

Misty morning

Mist forms in the morning over a stream.

I wanted to include some landscapes.  Most of these are snapshots of areas we were passing through.  The misty stream was in Pilanesberg National Park.


Scenic village in South Africa.

On the road between Glen Afric and Ukutula we passed by this lakeside village.  It looks like it would be a lovely place to live.


Pond at Zulu Camp

I particularly enjoyed the rich colors of the plant life contrasting with the stone.


Sun Setting over the lake at Shambala.

In all it was a wonderful trip.

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