The Year in Review

Mountain and Clouds

Traveling north of Reykjavik.

Well, maybe a bit more than a year… While I would like to put all my pictures here, I think in the interest of brevity I’ll just put up a few. If you would like to see some more check out my Flickr albums.

Last November we took a trip to Iceland, and while I had every intention of writing a blog post about it, I never could seem to get motivated to do so. As you can see from the staleness of this blog, I managed to stay uninspired for the entire year.

So to touch on things from where we left off, here’s a few photos of the Iceland trip…

Lava Tube

Exploring one of the lava tubes at Leidarendi.

While Iceland is a deservedly popular destination, it can be a little crowded. Traveling there in winter does a fine job of weeding out the crowds.


The Missus tops a hill at Snaefellsnes.

The temperatures were actually quite mild in November, hovering above freezing for the most part. The winds, however, were impressive with steady winds up to 60 mph being quite common during our visit.


Sunrise near Pingvillir, the site of Iceland’s first parliament.

The trip was run by REI, and while not a photo trip there were plenty of opportunities along the way. We did have to make an effort not to lag too far behind the power hikers.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights as seen from Snaefellsbaer.

Of course, we got to see the Northern Lights on a couple of nights as well.

In January we drove up to the Grand Canyon in hopes of getting some winter shots, but the weather decided to be unseasonably warm.

Yavapai Point Morning

Sunrise from Yavapai Point on the South Rim

While we didn’t get any of the snow we were hoping for, we still got some wonderful views, and while there were plenty of people there it could by no means be considered crowded.

Hopi Point Afternoon

An afternoon view from Hopi Point.

In February we were off to Acadia National Park with Colleen Miniuk-Sperry for a week. Again the idea was to get some winter pictures, and while we did have ice, snow was for the most part elsewhere.

Boulder Beach

A quiet morning at Boulder Beach

Again we had the benefit of having most of the Park to ourselves. While all the seasons have their own charm, I could get used to traveling in the off season.

Newport Cove 1

The tide coming in at Newport Cove

After the Acadia trip we stayed local for a few months, then travelled to Prince Rupert, B.C. and the K’tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary.

Bald Eagle in flight

A Bald Eagle in flight

While not exactly rare in the US, the number of Bald Eagles in BC is impressive.

Eagles anyone?

Eagles gathered in the trees

After a couple days in Prince Rupert we took a floatplane up to the Ocean Light II anchored at the Bear Sanctuary.

Classic Grizzly

Grizzly looking for the best grazing spots

From the sailboat we would take a Zodiac to the shores where the bears were hanging out. We stayed off shore, and the guides were careful to avoid annoying the grizzlies, though they were well fed and mild tempered at this time of year.

Momma and cub napping

Momma and cub napping. She was aware of us, but didn’t seem to mind us being there. She was paying attention to the location of the nearby males who will kill cubs not their own.

We managed to see all sorts of behaviors while there.

Play Fighting

Young males play fighting and establishing dominance

It seemed like as soon as we got home from Canada we headed up to Alaska for some more sights.

Turnagain Arm Clouds

Reflections from Turnagain Arm

Our last trip to Alaska had been to Fairbanks in February. It was considerably warmer near Anchorage in July!

Slow clouds at Moose Flats

Moose Flats

In addition to some regular hiking, we did some kayaking and a glacier walk on crampons.


Harriman Glacier

Both the Eagles and Bears trip and the Alaska trip were run by Arizona Highways PhotoScapes.


A temporary waterfall on Portage Glacier

Finally, in October we drove up to Colorado for a fall colors shoot with Shane McDermott and Dave Hutchison.

18-10-07 Colorado Colors 0632

Near Crested Butte

We actually managed to hit southern Colorado between the summer and winter tourist seasons. It was perfect timing, although we learned that meal planning was a priority since everyone seemed to open late and close early!

18-10-07 Colorado Colors 0692

Buttress from a frozen field

We did catch the colors that make the season special. Our timing was perfect since the forecast snow showed up the last day and made the drive home interesting.

Fall Sunrise

A Colorado panorama

So that wraps up the last year. Hopefully this post is not a momentary relapse, and I’ll be a little better about it in the coming year!

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