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Looking for the shot

Aug 17 2014 Mountains & Meadows 470

Karen in a spot of sunlight

While at Hart Prairie a couple weeks ago we spent some time shooting in and around some of the old homestead buildings.  One was in a state of some disrepair and was being used as a storage area for some painting tools.  The building itself may have been in the process of being restored, I’m not sure.  Looking in through one of the doorways (no doors or glazing were installed) I saw a pretty spectacular patch of sunlight from an eastern facing window and had the Missus move into it just so I could play with the hard light a little.  I took a few shots knowing that these would be blown out and definitely candidates for black and white conversion, but didn’t really expect much from them.  The idea was to experiment and learn something from the process, and I already had the photos I had been looking for that day.  Something about this shot keeps grabbing by attention, though.  To my mind it has almost a ’50’s photo-journalistic look to it.