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Fangs, Fur, Claws and Teeth

A Siberian Tiger watching from the brush.

A Siberian Tiger watching from the brush.

Most of us think of taking a photograph of a person as capturing that person in a moment in time.  It can range from a snapshot to a carefully crafted portrait.  When a photographer wants to tell a story, they’ll frequently use a model.  We see it all the time in advertising as well as in fine art photography.  Not all models are people – there are animal models as well. Just as with people they may be featured in advertising, entertainment, or sometimes just as a study.

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14-10-20 Triple D 5415

Landscape in Kalispell, Montana

We recently spent a few days in Montana, the first time I’ve been there.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place.  We’re going to need to arrange a landscape trip.