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Tips and Tricks, or “Baby, it’s Cold Outside…”

17-03-02 Alaska 0811

Photographers trying not to freeze to their cameras. It was about -25ºF at this point.

I’m something of a desert rat, so while the Alaska trip was not my first experience with extreme cold it’s not something I do on a regular basis.  This post is intended to be a summary of what worked and what didn’t.

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Rainy Weather

The street outside our front door

The street outside our front door

We do have wet weather once in a while in the southwest.  Usually we get all of our rain for the year in a short period, aided by whatever storms happen to be moving our way from the Pacific Ocean.  By the time they get to us they’ve normally lost much of the energy they started with and break up into smaller thunderstorms moving north through the deserts.  This year hurricane Odile brought quite the storm our way.  As you can see from the aftermath we had a little street flooding.