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16-05-28 Ukutula 7164-web

White Storks in the familiar V formation.

I’ll admit to not being much of a bird watcher.  I don’t generally look for them but once in a while one will catch my attention.  On our trip to South Africa we couldn’t help but notice hundreds of different species.

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Airspeed over Altitude

A White Winged Dove dives off a branch for some quick airspeed

A White Winged Dove dives off a branch for some quick airspeed

In the helicopter world there are two kinds of take off profiles – altitude over airspeed where you are trying to clear an obstacle and airspeed over altitude where you gain flying speed before gaining any height.  It takes less power to do airspeed over altitude and as such that’s the preferred method, situation permitting.  It also makes sense for birds, though as quick as they are you seldom notice it.  Several doves in a nearby pine tree were being skittish and I was trying to get some pictures of them lighting and leaving the tree.  I caught this one almost by accident.  I could see him ready to leave and hit the shutter as he stretched out, catching him in his dive.  He’s a split second away from flapping his wings to level off.

Nature Walk

Birds hunting

Since coming back from Dubai it’s been busy, and we’ve only just now gotten the chance to take a little break.  Today we walked a couple miles on the Southern trail in the White Tanks Mountains, just enjoying the view and taking a few pictures.  It was nice this morning with some light cloud cover and a gentle breeze taking the bite out of the sun.