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16-05-31 Shambala 9433-web

White Lion at Shambala displays his teeth.

Most of the time photographing wildlife is done at some distance. Depending on the animal and the environment that may be as close as a few feet, but more likely twenty feet would be considered close and 50 to 300 feet not unreasonable.  While most of the animals we photographed were free running on game preserves, there were some that were captive and allowed for closer shots.  The male White Lion above is at Shambala and is fenced in at the owners property along with two females.  They’re fed and cared for, but are certainly not pets.  Their human interaction consists of being fed from a distance and being hopeful that one of those tasty looking photographers will fall into the enclosure.

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Water Hazard

16-05-26 Ukutula 4362-web

Only the eyes and nostrils break the waterline. The crocodile moves barely disturbing the water.

As a youngster I remember seeing old black and white movies on Saturday afternoon television.  Aside from all the World War II dramas, Johnny Weissmuller playing Tarzan were the movies I most remember.  A required scene in all those Africa adventure movies were the crocodiles splashing into the water.  What better way to show the dangers of the bush.  While Hollywood usually stretches artistic license to the limit, the Nile Crocodile is indeed one of the most dangerous animals on the continent.

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Animal Workshops

A monkey concentrating on eating a piece of fruit

A monkey concentrating on eating a piece of fruit at the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

The past few weekends we’ve been on a kick of taking animal photo workshops with Arizona Highways Photography Workshops.  Arizona Highways is a regional magazine known for stunning photographs of the southwest, and the workshops are an associated organization.  The workshops cover quite a range of subjects from technical “how to” courses to multi day photo trips.  I’m somewhat ambivalent about photographing animals in a captive environment.  On one hand it seems kind of like cheating, but from a realistic standpoint some of these animals are either rare enough or so remote in the wild that a trip to their natural habitat is plainly outside our means.  One thing that doesn’t bother me, however, is the care and condition of these animals.  Having met and observed some handlers and trainers, I’m comfortable with the care and effort made to keep the animals healthy and engaged.  I realize that not every place operates to that high a standard, that’s why some research is helpful before deciding where you want to shoot.

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Nature Walk

Birds hunting

Since coming back from Dubai it’s been busy, and we’ve only just now gotten the chance to take a little break.  Today we walked a couple miles on the Southern trail in the White Tanks Mountains, just enjoying the view and taking a few pictures.  It was nice this morning with some light cloud cover and a gentle breeze taking the bite out of the sun.