Innocents Abroad part 5 – Interlude


City buildings nicely framed on the Knowledge City campus

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Since David Nightingale’s class covered post production on Monday afternoon, we had the morning off to relax and wander around a bit.  I had naively brought my Hasselblad in hopes of shooting some film, and here was an opportunity.  For the record, next time I’m not going to bring a film camera since there really isn’t enough time to shoot it with all the other activities.  Still, I did get the shot above from the campus area.


Gregory Heisler at work

Back by the hotel I came across Gregory Heisler setting up a shot with his Language of Light workshop.  The image he captured here caused Sara Lando to tweet she was quitting photography.


The conference center hall

The conference hall was the starting point for all the workshops and had the mobile Gulf Photo Plus store, as well as representatives from the sponsors.  Nikon and Canon were there of course, Fuji made a strong showing, Samsung, HP, Phottix, SanDisk, Profoto, Sigma… If you needed something you could probably get it.


The fountain outside the food court

Everywhere one looked there were signs of art in Dubai’s architecture.  Unlike many modern cities where for follows function, esthetics are clearly a part of building the city.

I also took some digital photos that weren’t associated with one of the workshops.


View from the restaurant we had lunch at one day

A nice open air restaurant near the textile district.  The kabob was excellent.

ImageOutside the hotel

I enjoyed the way many buildings are lit at night.  This pair next to the hotel are a good example of using light to dress up a structure.


David Hobby – his Strobist posts about Gulf Photo Plus are what convinced me to come

Next Up – Portraiture Intense and Hands On

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